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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question below, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or social media. We'd would love to hear from you!

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How much notice do you need?

Though we will always try to accommodate your requested date. We only take a certain number of orders per week so we can provide our utmost attention in using high quality ingredients and in focusing in on intricate details to create your one of a kind dessert. The sooner you inquire, the better we can confirm the availability and reserve your date. Preferably we ask for at least a 2 weeks' notice, but please be advised that a 2 weeks notice does not automatically reserve your date especially when it is near the holidays. Feel free to reach out to us if you are in a time crunch, we will do our best to add you to our calendar or refer you to another local baker.

How do I place an order for my one of a kind dessert?​

Please fill out the Order Form Request or contact me via email or social media (Facebook/Instagram). Please include the date of the event so we can check for availability and the type and quantity of the dessert(s). For a more accurate quote, please also include a description of your vision by specifying the theme/colors, style, size and any other information you would like for us to know.

Do I need to pay deposit?

Once we have agreed on the details, we will send you an invoice. By paying a deposit or the full payment, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and reserving your date. If a deposit, full payment or a promissory note is not provided a week prior to the event, the order may be removed from my calendar and the deposit is rendered non refundable. In both instances, you will receive confirmation from me regarding the status of your order.

How can I pay?

Payments by Venmo or Zelle is preferred. Full payment is required prior to pick up of desserts. 

Can you make this dessert "exactly like this photo"?

As a local dessert artist, each dessert is handmade and made to order. Though we will try to stay close to the original design, please keep in mind that we  have our own unique style and so there may be slight variations.

Your health and safety are important to us. Rest assured, we are a licensed and registered business that has and will continue to follow food handling and safety procedures.

Where are you located?​

We are located in San Diego, CA.

What is KayeSimplyBakes doing during these unfortunate times?

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