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Let's create your custom desserts!

In the age of themed parties, creative celebrations and beautiful weddings, my customized desserts can make any occasion more personal and uniquely yours.

My desserts not only look luxurious but also tastes great! Each project is an investment of my time in conceptualizing and bringing your idea into a reality. Together we will finalize your ideas and style and also make sure to cover the details of flavor, number of servings, medium, and delivery or pickup options. Once all is finalized, an invoice will be sent to summarize our discussion. Once agreed upon, the rest is up to me!

Below is a list of available desserts. Prices may vary depending on the difficulty of the design and flavor. Minimum order of custom treats is $100. There is currently no minimum order for Emma's Cookies.

Cake pops / Cake Bites

Starts at $48/dozen

Chocolate | Vanilla | Red Velvet | Strawberry | Lemon Blueberry | Funfetti | Mint Chocolate Chip | Chocolate Peanut Butter | Oreo | Banana Foster | Virgin Bahama Mama | Almond Joy | White Chocolate Macadamia | Twix | Baby Ruth | Smores | French Vanilla Latte | Mocha Frappuccino | Ube | Buko Pandan | Chocolate Salted Caramel | Brownie | Matcha | Chunky Monkey | Butter Pecan | Pumpkin Spiced Latte 


6in Buttercream Cake starts at $120  |  Smash Cakes also available upon request

Chocolate | Vanilla | Red Velvet | Strawberry | Carrot | Lemon | Ube | Rocky Road | Turon | Banana | Cookies and Cream | Milk Tea

Below is a cutting guide to get the most servings from your cake. A detailed description on how to cut your cake for the most servings will be provided with your cake order. 


Starts at $48/dozen

Chocolate | Vanilla | Red Velvet | Strawberry | Carrot | Lemon | Lemon Blueberry | Ube | Rocky Road  | Banana Foster | Milk Tea

Emma's Cookies 

These giant cookies are an upgrade to your average chocolate chip cookies. Emma's cookies are packed with a mix of chocolate and walnuts wrapped in a delicious dough.  

KayeSimplyBakes custom Cakes in San Diego

6 in.

approx. 28 servings

8 in.

approx. 48 servings

9 in.

approx. 56 servings

10 in.

approx. 76 servings

$6/each or $60/dozen

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